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Positioned for Success: Growth on the Grand Strand

Posted in General News, Press & Awards on February 23, 2011
02   23
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Spring is definitely upon us. On the Grand Strand, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy a few months of cool, inviting weather before the Summer heat hits us. Golfers are also on their way, eager to make tee times & reservations at their favorite restaurants.

Another kind of climate change is also upon us. Only halfway into the first Q of 2011, and we’re seeing a rise in local real estate buys. A majority of these purchases are for undeveloped lots. The previous attraction of buying foreclosures & bank-owned property seems to be waning in favor purchasing lots for future development. A recent article in the Sun News featured Fred Coyne of Westbridge Homes discussing this trend.

“…over the last several years a lot of [lot prices] got to a point that they were squeezing people out of the marketplace,” Coyne said, regarding previous market conditions. “[And] what’s kind of happened is that prices have been reset and readjusted. That has given some people an opportunity that may have been [previously] priced out.”

Though not all new lot sales will translate into immediate build projects, the future looks good. Inquiries for Westbridge Homes custom home design & build services are up 15% over last year’s figures. While there are still some financing obstacles to overcome, it’s clear that the conversation is moving towards new growth & development on the Grand Strand.

Westbridge Homes is a custom home design & build firm with decades of experience building in and around Myrtle Beach. The homes we’ve built are a reflection of the people who hire us. Whether it’s a new home, or one of our featured specialty projects, we strive to meet & exceed the needs of our clients. Building nice homes for nice people ~ it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

A home is a big investment. Often, it’s our biggest investment. Choosing a home builder should take that into account. We treat each project uniquely, because each client is unique. Get in touch with us today, and find out what Westbridge Homes can do for you.

The Pineapple: A Symbol of Hospitality & Friendship

Posted in General News on February 10, 2011
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A lot of time & money is spent developing corporate brands. Logos are built & shaped to reflect as much about a company as they can. The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind. An image can make you feel a certain way. Often, it does so without us even knowing why.

Westbridge Homes is a custom home builder whose philosophy is steeped in the culture & customs of the South Carolina coast. This unique part of the American South has long been defined by its warmth & hospitality. It’s no wonder we’re one of the top destinations for vacationing families in the U.S.

So what’s with the Pineapple?

This esoteric fruit has long been a symbol of hospitality in the South & abroad. Early explorers to the West Indies & Americas learned that a pineapple placed at the entrance of a village meant all were welcome. This tradition continued with those who settled in the new land. Sailors would hang the fruit on their home’s door to signal their return from a voyage.

Soon, the iconic pineapple began to show up in popular culture, art, and even in architecture. Carolinians are accustomed to sleeping in beds whose headboards & posts are adorned with pineapple carvings. A guest in a Southerner’s home knows they’ve overstayed their welcome, it’s said, when the pineapple posts are removed.

The pineapple was an exotic fruit from a new land, long ago. Steamships made it possible to carry goods farther, faster. As such, they became more widely available in the early 20th century. The popularity of the classic American dinner of Ham with Pineapple Rings is regarded as a hallmark of the success of our nation. Now, everyone can afford to buy the fruit, almost year-round.

There’s something uniquely Southern about this fruit. It’s strong, prickly & even a little foreboding. But at its core, it’s sweet. Maybe for us it says, “We’re a little different, we have our own way. But get to know us, and you’ll like us (even love us).”

And, uh… we go great with ham :)

We chose the pineapple logo because it represents something significant about our history & attitude. The Grand Strand is a wonderful place to live & work. From Little River to Georgetown, a rich tapestry of cultural influences gives us a personality that keeps visitors coming back each year.

To design & build custom homes, we have to be more than contracted labor. We have to be counselors, advisers & friends. And friendship begins with hospitality. Take a moment to see some of our previous work. When you’re ready to hear more about what a great custom home building experience can be, get in touch.

We’ll keep a pineapple on the front door for you.

Westbridge Homes Rapid Bathroom Remodel Program

Posted in Bathrooms, Remodeling on
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A recent study determined that the average person spends over 3 ½ half hours a week in their bathroom. That’s more than nine months of your life! In a top ten list of things we do the most, this activity can be found somewhere between talking and eating! So why wouldn’t you spend all this time in a comfortable and functional surrounding? You’ve known for a while your bathroom isn’t as nice as it could be, maybe it’s getting old, maybe it was never designed with your needs in mind, or perhaps you’d like to sell your house and create a look more desirable to prospective buyers.

Many homeowners who’ve wanted a remodeled bathroom procrastinate, figuring it costs too much, or takes too much time, leaving them without a bathroom for weeks if not months. Not to mention an enormous bill from their contractor. Westbridge Home Remodeling can help, making renovating your old bathroom fast, painless, and affordable. With WHR’s Rapid Bathroom Remodel Program you’ll be enjoying the luxury bathroom of your dreams without all the hassle and headache that comes with a traditional bathroom renovation program.

Westbridge Home Remodeling has years of professional design experience working with an abundance of superior name brand manufacturers, such as Delta, Koehler, and American Standard. With a minimum initial investment of only 5,000 the skilled design team at WHR can make upgrading your bathroom straightforward and trouble-free. With this entry level contract WHR’s designers will allow you to choose from a variety of pre-selected high quality vanities, plumbing fixtures, tiles and cabinetry. Once you’ve decided on the materials, all you have to do is sit back and let the experts do the work. And you can take comfort knowing WHR stands behind all of their craftsmanship by exceeding industry standards with their Client Care Warranty.

Proulx Bath Remodel Before & After

Thinking about something more sophisticated for your new bathroom? Let WHR assist you in turning your outdated bathroom into one that all your friends and neighbors will envy. WHR’s knowledgeable and expert design team has years working with top-quality materials, making your customizable options virtually endless. With your budget in mind they can help you decide on tub and shower replacements, new windows, skylights, lighting, and much more.

All Rapid Remodel Programs include a free no obligation consultation where WHR will provide you with the options and possibilities that best suits your needs and budget. During construction WHR completely guts your existing bathroom with an orderly disposal of all waste material and debris. We remove old flooring, plumbing fixtures, tile, cabinetry, and trim. We also replace all previous shut-off valves, supply lines, tub drain trim, and shower valves. WHR lays down new ceramic or tile over your previous prepared floor surface as well as installs new products chosen; such as plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, vanities, and other accessories. In addition to painting your Rapid Bathroom Remodel will include any grout and caulking as well as necessary replacement of trim around doors and windows of your bathroom. And all this is included in just the basic Rapid Bathroom Remodel Program.

Renger Bath Remodel Before & After

Whether you’re looking to add value to your home for the resale market, or enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your old bathroom, Westbridge Home Remodeling has the program for you. We look forward to discussing your bathroom remodeling project, contact us to find out more!

Looking For The Right Contractor? Westbridge Is Looking For The Right Clients.

Posted in General News on January 21, 2011
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With so many options for builders, contractors, and designers in the area, finding a contractor that’s right for you can be overwhelming. With loads of builders jumping at the chance to bid on your project, how do you find a contractor that’s right for you? Foremost, how do you find a contractor that won’t rush to provide an inferior result for you and your loved ones.

Remodeling is the second biggest investment you will ever make next to building a home and with a little leg work it is possible to find a contractor that can create the look you’ve always wanted, making your experience painless and even fun.

Many homeowners will simply ‘google’ local builders in their area, choosing the first three they find, and make this critical decision solely by evaluating the different high and low bids they receive. Most often homeowners will select the middle bid, assuming that there is little gamble in going with the firm that offers a ’middle of the road’ estimate. This method though commonly utilized may leave you disappointed with the outcome of your project.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on a contractor. By answering these questions, and following these fundamental guidelines you will undoubtedly see your vision come to fruition.

Finding a builder by word of mouth is not a bad idea because it enables you to ask a friend or family member, namely someone non biased with your best interest in mind to give their honest opinion of the work they received. Although most are unlikely to admit dissatisfaction with their renovation, it is fairly easy to determine by the tone of their response whether they would rehire the contractor in question for future projects. Finding a builder through word of mouth also allows you the exceptional opportunity to look over the completed work. Ask yourself “do I like the design, is the workmanship quality, are the materials sound, etcetera…”?

Make sure to find out how long the prospective builder has been in business. The number of years a builder has been in service can provide you with an accurate reflection of customer satisfaction. Additionally, a contractor with a lengthy service record makes it easier to view previous projects. Feel free to ask when interviewing possible candidates if you can see three similar and recently completed jobs.

Of equal importance is establishing that your potential contractor is licensed and insured. What is the significance of hiring a licensed contractor? Typically a builder that has met all license requirements mandated by state and local authorities, has completed a certain amount of education and training regarding their trade. This also assures you that they have maintained their knowledge of up to date information and advances within their field. Secondly, without licensing, a contractor cannot obtain the permits necessary to build. Penalties for building without a permit come in the form of fines. These fines can be three to ten times the cost of the original permit! This can be avoided without much difficulty by checking a builders’ status at your municipalities regulating facility.

Making sure you’re dealing with a company that is insured with workman’s compensation as well as general liability is essential to a worry free project. Remodeling your home can be smooth and trouble free but only if you have the peace of mind, knowing your builder is fully insured.

Ultimately, what separates the average contractor from the exceptional one is communication. Remember, building or remodeling your home is a partnership between you the customer, and the designers and professionals that are elected to the task of fulfilling your dreams of a happier home. For this reason it is imperative your contractor can listen to your ideas and expectations while offering creative and knowledgeable solutions resulting in your absolute satisfaction and approval with the finished project. In the end you’ll want to trust your instincts and ask yourself, “do I feel comfortable with this person”? Keep in mind they will be in and around your home during agreed upon times for the duration of the project so you’ll want to be certain they are professional, reliable, and trustworthy.

So you found a contractor that meets these requirements, one that “works for you”. But this doesn’t guarantee you will “work for them”. Westbridge Homes unlike many other contractors understands the importance of building a long-lasting relationship with a client. Fred Coyne (founder/principal) believes fostering a good rapport with the client is an integral part of the process. Without a fundamental working relationship difficulties are sure to arise. For this reason, during initial meetings and consultations you may find yourself being interviewed by Westbridge Homes. Sounds unorthodox? That’s because it is. Westbridge differs from the competition by carefully selecting who they work with, ensuring their clients a harmonious experience throughout all phases of the project. This system of picking a client as carefully as they pick you guarantees a smooth collaboration and in the long run allows Westbridge to maintain a schedule, reduce your costs, and create a home that reflects your families’ needs and personalities.

At Westbridge homes we exceed all of aforementioned guidelines. Not only do we boast an extensive list of satisfied customers, but a copious record of awards and achievements presented to us from Horry/Georgetown Homebuilders Association as well. With a Westbridge Home you can rest assured knowing that we are fully licensed and insured. Fred takes pride in his ability to constantly evolve with the clients’ needs as new designs and techniques are streamlined. His many years experience building homes within the Grand Strand have left him with a level of professionalism and expertise rivaled by few. Fred believes that one of the keys to his success has been recognizing homeowners’ visions by establishing a relationship through attentive communication. What does this mean for you? A home that mirrors your personality, one that is as well built as it is unique. So what are you waiting for? Let us at Westbridge Homes show you that great homes start with great relationships.


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