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Westbridge Homes Simplifies Custom Home Projects

Design/Build means all-in-one. Westbridge Homes has the unique advantage of working with the best skilled laborers on the Grand Strand. Thinking of remodeling? You wont need to consult multiple designers & builders. One meeting with us, and you’ll have the best in the business at your disposal.

A glance at our process will illustrate just how we achieve this. It’s the careful planning we do before beginning construction that ensures a project’s success. Years of designing & building custom homes in & around Myrtle Beach has allowed us to build great relationships. Not only with past clients, but with the Grand Strand’s finest designers & specialty builders.

Westbridge Homes’ ability to function as both a design consultant & builder helps our clients immensely. We’re able to save time by offering all of these services inclusively. Time saved is money saved. We believe that a great custom home should never cost more than it has to. Our team’s process for custom home building & remodeling includes these Design/Build services:

  • Schematic Design
  • Conceptual Budgetary Cost Estimate
  • Regulatory and Code Review
  • Sourcing of specialty materials
  • Sourcing/hiring of specialty/artisan laborers.
  • Maintaining a project time-line that suits your schedule
  • Absolute & complete guarantee of the work we do

Our Design/ Build Strategy:
We developed this strategy to avoid some of the hassles commonly associated with home building & remodeling. Each project requires a number of specialty skills. This means forming professional partnerships with outside designers & builders is essential. Westbridge Homes has built its business on leadership & the ability to communicate efficiently.


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