Custom Homes

Nice Homes Are Built To Last A Lifetime

Westbridge Homes has been designing & building great custom homes in Myrtle Beach, SC for over 20 years. Our clients love our attention-to-detail, and our willingness to really hear what their needs are. Our proven process for success is a tried & true method. Building a custom home is a labor of love that requires a dedication of time, talent and diligence.

As your custom home consultant, Westbridge Homes fulfills two roles. First, we work with you creatively, building an idea of what your custom home should look & feel like. Second, we act as your coach & editor, to sculpt a clearly defined plan on how to bring that idea into reality.

What sets Westbridge Homes apart from the competition? We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us. No ground is broken, no hammers struck until we know we’re a good fit for each other. And what makes us a good fit? Here are just a few of our practices & services:

  • We source our materials as carefully as we do our design & build professionals
  • Maintaining clear communication with you at all times during the process
  • Realistic estimates for building costs
  • Time-lines presented in an straightforward manner
  • Accurate, timely & transparent accounting of all project phases
  • Unsurpassed personal service
  • We simply design and build it better

A great custom home is one that “feels like home” the minute you walk through the front door. A Westbridge custom home is built to last through the lifetime of memories you & your family will create under its roof. Get in touch with us today to discover what a great custom home can be.


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