Our Process

Planning For Success

Creativity fuels us. But we wouldn’t get very far in that vehicle without something to control the motion. That’s why we’ve taken great care to develop a process to do just that. It’s important that our clients feel connected to what we do. Like a great painting, the big picture is made up of many small steps.

Home building & remodeling demands that careful attention is paid to this process. You have an idea, a vision for your home or remodeling project. We have the tools & the team to execute it. What connects these two is a framework, one whose structure must be as strong as the home itself. This framework is made up of scheduled meetings, contract signings, material selections & more. Each step is treated as crucial, none omitted.

Below is a look at our process. The three stages each have their own set of steps, goals & milestones. We understand that our clients lead busy lives. This process ensures communication about the project is clear, and no time is wasted. This keeps us on-task, as well as on-budget.

The Discovery, Your Design and Our Agreement.

  • STEP 1: Discovery Phase

    Schedule Initial Meeting

    You've seen our portfolio, visited our site, and/or heard about Westbridge Homes from a friend. Now it's time to meet & get to know us. We're somewhat selective about what clients & projects we take on. Even a modest remodeling project involves considerable planning. You need to feel comfortable working with us as well. This initial meeting gives you a chance to do just that.

    This is also a kind of creativity session for the both of us. We'll have a number of standard questions to ask, and we're sure you will also. Many clients have a good idea of what they want. It's our job to help you define your remodeling or home building goals more clearly.

    Project Idea Book

    This is a process unique to Westbridge Homes. We'll give you a custom binder ~ a place to collect pictures, notes, and ideas related to your project. Have fun with it! This is a chance for you to engage your own creative side. Organizing those ideas into a single place, we can review the project together, before moving on to the next phase.

  • STEP 2: Design Phase
  • STEP 3: Project agreement


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