Nice Homes for Nice People.

Westbridge Homes is a premier custom home design & build firm on the Grand Strand. We understand the attraction of the Carolina coast. The beautiful beaches, temperate climate & laid-back attitude bring millions to vacation here each year. We’ve built a family business that reflects the needs & desires of visitors and residents alike.

Westbridge Homes has developed a strategy for success that’s built on people. Building quality homes means building meaningful relationships ~ with clients, as well as with local businesses & professional organizations. We’ve done exactly this with our business, and it’s a big part of why we’re a leader in our market. Long-running partnerships with local contractors, suppliers & builders are what give us the advantage in building or remodeling your home.

“The homebuilder-client relationship is crucial,” says Fred Coyne, owner & president. “A living space is a personal, intimate thing. It needs to feel natural to the folks living in it. It needs to reflect who they are, and we can’t build for someone we don’t know. This is why I place so much importance on understanding the process together. To be effective at what I do, I need to be more than ‘a homebuilder’. I need to be a coach, a counselor, an adviser & an editor.”


Building a beautiful custom home is a team effort. A great team needs a great leader, and Fred has a lifetime of experience doing just that. Westbridge Homes has a well-earned reputation as a leading custom home builder on the Grand Strand. Fred Coyne’s dedication to leadership ~ both in his company, as well as in the community ~ is what drives this success.

  • FRED COYNE : Founder and Principal
    Fred_coyneOriginally from Vero Beach, FL, Fred Coyne grew up in a family of business owners. From age 11, he began learning how a small business operates. Ultimately, he followed an opportunity to work for a local builder. Beginning as day laborer, and eventually assisting carpenters, he knew he'd found his calling. A brief return to work at the family car dealership was followed by another opportunity to build. What began as a 10-day trip to Myrtle Beach (ostensibly to help frame a new home) turned into a career's worth of work. Fred loves living on the coast, and loves building nice custom homes for nice people.


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